Laser Optical Fiber Catheter

Vericose vein is caused by varix from high pressure and back flow of unnatural working vein valve.
Varicose vein is cut by surgery in the past, however nowadays cure the varicose vein by using laser energy generated from laser machine.
Surgery by laser can minimize skin incision using optical fiber thinner than a hair and patient can move around with short recovery time.
It is outstanding surgical procedure without scar remaining by insulting optical fiber.

DiodeLaser CT1940 (TML1711) 함께 사용되는  광섬유 카테터 


 ♦Normal type (HFT1491)

  HTF1491 - 6A : 1.8M (600㎛)   

  HTF1491 - 6C : 2.8M (600㎛)  

  HTF1491 - 4A : 2.8M (400㎛) 

 ♦Ball type (HFT1491-D)

  HTF1491 - D6A : 2.2M (600㎛)  

 ♦Radial type(HIF1491-R)

  HTF1491 - R6A : 2.2M (600㎛)