Varicose Vein Treatment Machine (DiodeLaser CT1940)

This device is used with optical fiber catheter for the laser surgery and generate to transfer laser energy through optical fiber to human tissue.

Product Name(Model No.) DiodeLaser (TML1711)

-Laser wave Length : 1940nm 

-Connection type : SMA905


  aricose vein is often occurred by a backflow blood due to an abnormal venous valve resulting in higher blood pressure in the vein. The varicose veins were removed by surgical method, but now treat it by laser energy emitted from laser device. The laser energy emitted from laser device is transmitted to abnormal veins through fiber optic catheter which is thinner than hair. The incision of skin can be minimized by using treatment using a fiber optic catheter and make a recovery time is short and quick return daily life.


►Fiber optic catheter

♦Normal type (HFT1491)

HTF1491 - 6A : 1.8M (600㎛)   

 HTF1491 - 6C : 2.8M (600㎛)  

 HTF1491 - 4A : 2.8M (400㎛) 

♦Ball type (HFT1491-D)

 HTF1491 - D6A : 2.2M (600㎛)  

♦Radial type(HIF1491-R)

 HTF1491 - R6A : 2.2M (600㎛)